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Octavio Camargo, James Cunningham, Amy Cunningham, Stefan Dreher, Judith Egger , Suzon Fuks, Ruth Geiersberger, Sandra Hoffmann, Helen Varley Jamieson, Claudia Kappenberg, Ulrich Mattes, Performancegruppe OKA, Boris Petrovski, Philtrat, Takehito SHIINA


Octavio Camargo

composer and theater director, engaged in interdisciplinary actions related to art and activism. teaches composition at the school of music and fine arts of Parana (Brazil) since 1991

some relevant works
- pé com cabeça (urban intervention) 1995
- ao redor da mesa (theatre piece) 1999
- oráculo do momento (instalation) 2000
- iliad (monologues from the Iliad of Homer translated to portuguese by Odorico Mendes. this action has been in process since 2000, with itineracy of the monologues in theatres and libraries, and is still being developed)
- os lusíadas (theatre piece) 2001
- Canto I da iliada, com Claudete Pereira Jorge (1st bienalle of thessalonik - greece) 2007
cds: - nova musica brasileira (compositions recorded by mario da silva junior) 1996 - musica brasileira desconstruida (compositions recorded by mario da silva junior) 1997
- musica (compositions for theatre - in the period of 1996 to 2004 - conducted and recorded by the author) 2004
- nanoépicos (compositions conducted and recorded by the author, with drawings of luiz alberto cruz) 2008

music for films
- bitter orange - with Chico Mello (directed by Frederico Full Graaf) 1998
- paisagem de meninos (directed by Fernando Severo) 2004
- adeus robinson (directed by Marcio Abreu) 2005
- helena de curitiba (directed by Josina mello) 2006

music for theatre
- o incrível retorno do cavaleiro solitário (directed by Hugo Mengarelli) 1994
- os lusiadas (directed by octavio camargo) 2001
- não perca (cycle of performances with sergio albach and rocio infante) 2002
- volta ao dia em oitenta mundos (directed by marcio abreu) 2003
- vila lobos para crianças (directed by leticia guimarães) 2005
- o bife with gustavo bittencourt (dance for theatre) 2008

-mediatic events related to open source technology and art (with orquestra organismo)
- Embaplab (foundation of the laboratory of computer music of the school of music and fine arts of parana) 2005
- desafiatlux (at SESC) 2006
- conSerto (at SEAE) 2007
- Interfaces (at FCC) 2008
v some links with images and information:

pe com cabeça
ao redor da mesa
iliad book 16
iliad book 1



James Cunningham

... has performed in and choreographed solo and ensemble stage shows, performance-installations, and video-dance works with Igneous since it's inception in 1997. Since 2003 he has been involved with experiments in networked and online performances, including three online plays in the UpStage 070707 festival. In 2000 he performed with DV8 Physical Theatre (UK) and in 1999 received an Emerging Artist's grant, as a choreographer, from the Australia Council through Ausdance. He paralysed his left arm in a motorbike accident in 1992, prior to which he was three years with Dance North, Townsville (89-91)



Amy Cunningham

Amy Cunningham’s art practice explores the implications of the futuristic and the nostalgic using her own voice and music in a visual context. The work is situated in gallery or in site-specific contexts, often utilising classical music, new and obsolete technologies and landscape.

Amy Cunningham studied at Wimbledon School of Art, London where she gained a BA in Fine Art Painting in 2000 and then went on to study at The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London where she completed an MA in Fine Art Media in 2002. Since 2000 she has exhibited performance, installation and film work in various galleries and spaces including, Norwich Gallery (2003), Pitzhanger Manor Gallery London (2004), Zinger Presents, Netherlands (2005), Node.London (2006), Towner Art Gallery Eastbourne (2007) and Parlour London (2008) and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes (2008). She current teaches Performance and Visual Art at University of Brighton.

In parallel to her individual solo practice, Cunningham also works collaboratively and collectively with artists including the collective SpRoUt of whom she has been a key member since 2004. With SpRoUt she is currently developing a new film and vocal work for Under Construction: Staging the Future, SC Gallery, Zagreb in September 2008.



Stefan Dreher

choreogrpher and dancer born in 1966. lives in munich. He studied at Folkwang Hochschule fuer Musik, Theater und Tanz in Essen (D), under direction of Pina Bausch. Dreher develops his own choreographies since 2003 in close collaboration with dancers, actors and visual artists in permanently changing constellations and presenting the work during international tours. “yoyo” about the stillness at the point of return(2002) and “gehen” (1997) are the first choreographies of Dreher. “Station to Station“ about the impossibility to learn dancingis created in 2003/04 and in ’05 follows the short form with 12 dancers called “Loving Lucy”. “Angie”an instant comedy in episodes(2005/06) is developed in three extensive and very different working processes resulting in 18 episodes and a final version currently touring called “Angie” the most beautiful girl.Two creations in the same setting are “island” solo for one(Halles de Schaerbeek (B) 28th Jan. ’07) and “island” solo for two(Biennale Charleroi/Danses (B) 27th, 28th and 29th of April ’07). “A Video for Youtube” created with Hans Theys www.hanstheys.beand Vaast Coolson, Pol Mathé and Lieven Segers in September 2007 is filmed by the audience. “superimposing” (2008) a room in Hamburg and a room in Munich, two performers and two Volleyball teams. Anew creation for October 2008 “Ausgenommen die Hunde” on disobedience and dance and their relation to age. stefan dreher



Judith Egger

Following her studies in Germany and Great Britain she worked on numerous installations and performances at home and abroad (including Great Britain, USA, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Mexico and China). The central theme of many of Judith Egger's art works are the processes of growing, becoming and eventually transformation.

In her creations, Egger intertwines different forms of expression such as installation, music, performance and drawing, constantly inventing new combinations. Since 2004 she has been head of the parasital „Institute for Hybristics and the Empirical Sciences of Swelling Bodies“ whose mission is to research into the essence of the "swelling force": the all empowering force of life. 2007 she was artistic director of the EU-project „open here“ which had been initiated by the Kulturreferat of the city of Munich. Essential part of this project about art and migration has been a truck which served as performance vehicle and connected the partner cities Vienna, Prag, Liverpool, Arles and Marseilles – in collaboration with local artists and organisations.Judith Egger,,



Suzon Fuks

multimedia artist, director and photographer, born in Brussels, trained in dance, theatre & music at Lilian Lambert Academy, Brussels (69-76), completed a Masters in Visual Arts at La Cambre, Brussels (79-84), and moved to Australia in 1996. Her photographic exhibition Keeping the Light toured from 1997 to 2001 to seven capitals of the world, and her photographs are part of the State Library of NSW and the National Library of Australia collections. She has made award-winning films, videos and solo performance shows, and created the film part of the Mandragore Theatre's groundbreaking show The Strange Mr Knight, which toured the world for 5 years (Adelaide Festival 1990). In 2003, she began experimenting on networked/telematic performance, collaborated on 3 cyberformances for the UpStage 070707 festival upstage with artists from UK and NZ and co-founded in March 2008 the cyberformance group ActiveLayers http://www.activelayers.netIn April 2008, Suzon received the Green Room Award for Outstanding Video-Scenography in Theatre (New Form).



Ruth Geiersberger

born 1957, performer, actress and speaker.
She finished in Paris, Munich and Berlin her formation in body work (Feldenkrais), singing and acting, before realizing her own projects.
For her performances, called by herself „Verrichtungen“, she explores as a "field researcher" for example the urban space.
On the research for "home" she looks for unusual locations which are in a sort of waiting situation: at the station, on building sites, in a bunker, in churches, in empty shops or in the zoo...
Therefore she picks out the construction of idyllic places as well as their deconstruction by loss, crash or dis-camouflage.
Since1990 instruction and workshops in bodywork (Feldenkrais), voice and performance, among others at the Academie of Art /Munich, the theatre departmant of the university in Munich, theatre & school, Education-projects with the Berliner Philharmoniker and club of pedagogues at the Theater an der Parkaue/Berlin



Sandra Hoffmann

1986 – 1990 Intern with the German Society for the Protection of Children;
trained as educator for youth and children's homes in the psychiatric ward, Tübingen
Worked in the psychiatric ward for youth and children from 1993 Studied literature, medieval studies and Italian literature in Tübingen; additional course of studies at the Studio for Literature and Theatre
1998 - 2002 Worked as assistant in the faculty for comparative literature;
guest lecturer for poetry Tübingen 2002/2003 Awarded scholarship by the Künstlerdorf Foundation in Schöppingen
since 2003 Organiser and moderator of the event "buch&bühne" - a series of readings with young authors in the State Theatre, Tübingen
2004 Awarded scholarship by the Foundation for the Arts, Baden-Württemberg
2005 Awarded scholarship by the Künstlerhaus Edenkoben; grant for Erik Reger Prize; Georg K. Glaser Prize
2006 Awarded scholarship by the Ministry of Science and Art, Baden-Württemberg 2006 Awarded scholarship/Writer in Residence in Bombay by the Goethe Institut and houses of literature (Literaturhäuser) in Germany Lives in Tübingen

Publications: Liebesgut, novel, 2008
Den Himmel zu Füßen, novel, 2004
schwimmen gegen blond. eine erzählung in zweiundfünfzig tagen, novella, 2002



Helen Varley Jamieson

Helen Varley Jamieson Helen Varley Jamieson is a writer, theatre practitioner and digital artist. She is currently undertaking a Master of Arts (research) at Queensland University of Technology, investigating her practice of cyberformance.
A theatre practitioner since childhood, Helen has written, directed and produced many stage plays. During the mid-1990s she began to work professionally in the internet industry and this led to her exploration of live online performance.
Helen coined the term "cyberformance" in 2000 to describe this form of networked performance that approaches the internet as a site for collaborative performance by remote performers.
In 2001, she initiated "the[abc]experiment" - a research project that explored the interface of theatre and the internet and culminated in a live performance involving performers in New Zealand, the USA, UK and Europe. This project spawned the globally-dispersed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision, of which Helen is a founding member.
Since then, Helen has given performances, presentations and workshops on cyberformance at festivals, universities and arts organisations internationally. With Avatar Body Collision she has devised and performed ten shows, and developed the purpose-built online performance software, UpStage. The launch of UpStage V2 in June 2007 included a two-week interactive exhibition at the New Zealand Film Archive and 070707, a one-day festival of live performance in UpStage featuring 13 performances created by artists from all over the world, which Helen curated and produced.
An active involvement with the Magdalena Project, an international network for women in contemporary theatre, since 1997 has brought Helen into direct contact with the work of many contemporary women theatre practitioners from diverse cultures. She has worked with director Jill Greenhalgh (founder of the Magdalena Project) on her series Water[war]s and is currently collaborating with a group of senior Magdalena artists on Women With Big Eyes.
As an arts writer, Helen covered the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for three years (1998-2000) and is a regular contributor to print publications and online arts communities.



Claudia Kappenberg

Claudia Kappenberg trained in Modern Dance, Butoh and Movement Analysis and danced professionally in Europe and New Zealand.
She completed an MA Fine Art/Film and Video at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 1998 and taught on the BA Fine Art until 2002.
Since October 2003 she is Senior Lecturer in Performance and Visual Art at the University of Brighton, Uk.
Her projects comprise single screen work as well as screen-based installations and live site-specific events and have been shown across Europe, the US and the Middle East.

Projects include Flush, CENTRE D’ART EN ILE, Geneva, Switzerland 2002 and THE WHITE SPACE GALLERY, London 2004; Extreme Ironing, BIENNALE DARMSTADT 2007; and Moebius, international screenings and installation at MOVES, Manchester 2008.



Ulrich Mattes

Was würde Sissi dazu sagen?"
(What will Sissi mean?)

Ulrich Mattes, artist-in-residence at Villa Waldberta, Feldafing, a small village, where Kaiserin Elisabeth (Sissi) was often located in the summertime.

The project Ulrich Mattes will start on August 5th desribes the difference between cultural live as normal and the international artproduction in the Villa Waldberta using the medium of postcards.

You will find the Postcard on the website related to the project ...

Artists website:



Performancegruppe OKA

At the drama department of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich Dr. Jörg von Brincken establishes a performance workshop in the spring of 2006 for “Theaterwissenschafts”-students, which is to become the substratum of the OKAgroup.
OKA is an acronym, incessantly transforming but originally referring to three of the basic theatrical notions according to Aristotle-Opsis, Katharsis, Anagnorisis.
However, the group does definitely not consider itself as theatre-based but moved by the explicit aim to experiment with intense stimuli and affective impressions that go far beyond the scope of stagework and mimesis...
...and that means shifting, striking, lurking underneath the skin- of our city, culture, subculture and, more than anything else, ourselves
Projects and performances include:
“Reenacting Kaprow”- fall/winter 2006/07 in collaboration with Haus der Kunst
“ Moby Dick-Der weisse Wal-“-April 07, 27hour-durational performance tutored by El Periférico de Objetos
“ Intermetzel” – “Spielart” performance festival Nov.15-Dec.02. 07
“ Lophius Malte Piscatorius”-February 1st 2008
“ Coocoo”-July 19st 2008 Maximilianpark
Main Site:



Boris Petrovski

Born 08.01.1975, in Skopje. Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, 1998, at Sculpture Department and Graphic Design. From 1998 he lives and works in Skopje as a free-lance artist.
2007 Disfigurements, Gallery MC – New York
2007 Dehumanization, Open Graphic Art Studio – Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje
2007 Transformation, SKC, Belgrade
2006 With Night, Open Graphic Art Studio,Skopje
2006 Disfigurements, Mala stanica,Skopje
2005 Transformation of the Experience, Youth Cultural Centre, Skopje
2002 Mobil Culture Shelter, Public Art Project, Skopje
2001 Open Graphic Art Studio – Museum of the City of Skopje, Skopje
2000 Museum of Contemporary Art, Unofficial Exhibition, Skopje

2007 ISCP - open studio weekend, New York
2007 Balkan Snapshot Film Festival, Amsterdam
2007 Magaza, Bitola
2007 Denes , Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje
2006 With Night, Open Graphic Art Studio,Skopje
2006 Macedonian cultural shining,Kolonie Wedding, Berlin
2006 Citism,Mobile Studios,Sofia
2006 Citism, Kontekst, Belgrade
2006 Citism,Press to exit, Skopje
2005 7 Bienale, Skopje
2005 Speak up !, Helsinki
2002 Bienale, Gevgelija
2000 I Woke Up in Motion, Skopje
2000 New Age Festival, Skopje
2000 Urban Hero, Skopje

2007 Young visual artist annual awards, Denes



Philtrat - Der Stadt ein Gesicht geben.

How does the city affect us – how do we affect the city? Where do we feel at home, where do we feel out of place, where is the city a city, and where does it become provincial?

With A Day in a Life, münchener philtrat, the Humanities magazine at Ludwig-Maximilians University, sets off in search of urban spaces in Munich. philtrat editors choose places that, for them, represent urban Munich, research the history of these places, and explain the personal significances that they hold.

This information will then be taken up, expanded upon, or simply ignored, by the team conducting the networking project A Day in a Life: Under the artistic direction of Horst Konietzny, the places and spaces chosen in accordance with the “urbanity” theme will be brought to life through installations and performances – and captured on film by photographer Michael Tasca for his photo series in the new edition of philtrat.
People involved with the chosen spaces in Munich will take part and perhaps tell their own stories through the pictures.
A cooperation from philtrat and A Day in a Life in celebration of the city’s 850th Birthday.

The new philtrat, with a focus on urbanity and the A Day in a Life photo series, will be available to buy for one week at the beginning of July in the Main University Building, in Schellingstraße 3, and at the Geschwister-Scholl-Institut. In addition, philtrat will be available from July 14 – 18 at the i-camp Basislager and throughout the entire semester in the Heinrich Frank bookstore.
Further information available online at:




Takehito SHIINA (1973-)

Born in Hanamaki, Iwate, Japan. Lives and works in Sendai, Japan. His representative piece is the "Kazan-yaki" project. In the project, Shiina fired his handmade clay figures and made into terra-cotta sculpture with the heat of magma near the active volcanoes in Hawaii, Italy and Japan. The project was awarded several prizes in Japan, 2003. Based on making plastic arts in clay, his works and activities range over installations, performances and projects with the use of video images, sound productions, daily necessities and foods. He has developed his recent projects under his idea "Matter is equal to what we call it an image."