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  Description of the REFRAMES project

REFRAMES is the motto and the name of a series of events regarding the art of perception. Everyday situations in public places, form the basis and the focus of art projects in various areas. Literature, music, performance and video art, produce an aesthetic new framing of standard situations of everyday life.

Art is developed through coincidence and the friction caused by artistic intervention. Art gives way to new perception of different aspects of everyday life. The REFRAMES initiative focuses on the creation of a continuously growing network of international partners, in order to enable mutual inspiration of art and society within an intercultural dialogue.



A random individual who crosses a targeted public area during the timeframe of the above-mentioned project, may unexpectedly become involved in literature. Passers-by of interest are stopped.

Authors hidden within this area, proceed to describe couples and passers-by, going about their daily life. Those idly strolling about can suddenly find themselves being a literary figure. These texts, whilst being written, are projected on to several displays.

Thereby, React returns to the old question of the interdependency between personal experience and literature. How much of our personal experience, influences our writing and vice versa?

After the successful initial meeting in Munich, further React projects have been planned in cities all over the world for 2004/2005.


NEW: In the current project version, a personal, real-time interaction with passers-by via SMS is intended.


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