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  Tank Man Tango

International memorial for Tiananmen Square, on the 20th anniversary: 4 June, 2009.

An ephemeral memorial made of dancing bodies in homage to the lone man who stood up to the tanks. A dance routine had been choreographed based on the movements of this man. This commemorative dance was called TANK MAN TANGO, it took place in cities around the world and was streamed on internet The project was initiated by Deborah Kelly (Sydney) and link to dance. So far, people organised to perform the dance together in public places in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Washington DC, Taichung, London, Weimar, Leipzig, Mexico City, Seoul and (in The Substation Theatre) in Singapore.

Tank Man Tango is an artwork by Deborah Kelly featuring Teik Kim Pok dancing choreography by Jane McKernan in a video made by Sumugan Sivanesan.

With many thanks to collaborators May Ee Wong, Fiona Winning, Wei Lai, Celia White, Frank Motz, Martin del Amo, Fei Wong, Lachlan Warner, Ann-Kathrin Rudorf, Mandy Unger, Robert Pacitti, Mark Mitchell, Lee Weng Choy, Estee Wah, PVI Collective, Su Goldfish, Bec Dean, Katie Hepworth, Kernow Craig, David Teh and Horst Konietzny for the internet streaming platform DIAL.

  Project // Inlak´esh Alaken (from the Mayan language, I am you, you are me)

We are happy to announce that with the new partner event: "Inlak´esh Alaken "DIAL actions continued in 2009. "Inlak´esh Alaken " was initiated by Johanna Ambrosio

Inlak´esh Alaken - Mátika from JoRobot on Vimeo.

Observing the necessity for developing new social networks in the urban environment, using technology and art as bridges between time and space, the project Inlak´esh Alaken promotes the development of new ways of intercultural and international communication and participation around the World. Using online network services to communicate with audio and video, the opportunity to open a window into another place comes into play. The cities of Vancouver, Los Angeles and Guadalajara will be the main protagonists. Considering the different culture and language of each city, a new expression towards a distant society will be developed within an art performance, using live video projections, where Vancouver will witness and participate in the activities of Guadalajara and vice versa.

  Starting Events Juli-September 2008


i-camp preparation week 14th - 18th of july 2008

We are going to prepare the Live-Streaming actions. Octavio Camargo offers a workshop.


"A Day in a Life", on 19th and 20th of july 2008

A DAY IN A LIFE at the 19th and 20th of July at the Wittelsbacher Platz takes place as part of the program "contemporary Art at the Wittelsbacher Platz". Curator Elisabeth Hartung.

Live-Streaming at Wittelsbacher Platz to Curitiba, Brighton, Skopje and Brisbane. The public will be involved.

Saturday 14.00-15.30
Sunday 11.-12.30 with dance performance by Stefan Dreher(München) and James Cunningham (Brisbane) and breakfast-picnic.
These activities are planned:

PLAYING TOGETHER: In five windows the participating artists are going to play with objects, fruits oder close-ups of faces. As a result we see the development of unusual, never seen collages transmitting in the combination with text and sound an original poetry.

PARADISE TO GO We are going to look passers-by into their pockets. What are they carrying with them? Is it a sort of "paradise to go"? They are invited to show it later on the stage.

PAINTING ACTION The camera looks through a WINDOW processed with removable colors, sketches and writings.

COLLABORATIVE TEXTCOLLAGES International news are becoming a global uniform text. In Brighton a choir improvises on those texts. In Munich the cuttings are going to be pinned on the bodies of the performance group OKA and filmed.

SAVING THE WHALES Boris talks to passers-by in Skopje about his Whale-Protecting-Project. We can sustain him with similar actions: distributing the whale cards and handing out information about it. People can stick the whale painting on their shirts and hold it into the camera.

SHOWING OF THE PERSONAL PARADISES TO GO presentation of people with their objects and their stories.

A SONG FOR MUNICH? We will see, if a city birthday is reason enough fo an international serenade. The composer and media artist Octavio Camargo from Curitiba is ready to conduct his orchestra in Curitiba while being in Munich.

DIAL started on the 19/20th of July between Germany, Australia, Macedonia, Brazil and the United Kingdom

The reality of long distance communication
in the format of this celebration.
It is a poetic initiative
that swings and oscillates
as a traveling wave, as expression of feelings,
as movement in space.

It is what we intend to bring now
not as a spectacle, or a finished work of art
but as life, and laughter, and passion
in its human essence of approximation and dialogue.

With thanks to all the people involved
who have made a commitment of being together.

And special thanks to
Brisbane; Suzon Fuks, James Cunningham, Helen Varley Jamieson, Scotia Monkivitch, Gilian Kehou and team
Skopje; Boris Petrovisky, Elena Veljanovska, Cveta Spasova
Brighton; Claudia Kappenberg and Amy Cunningham and team
Curitiba; Katia Horn and Stephany Mattano
Munich; Octavio Camargo, who was here in Munich for these festivities

  DIAL at the ZKMax

19th of June-early SeptemberScreening of videoworks by artists of the UPGRADE international network from Canada and Scotland plus selected works by artists participating in DIAL.

  24 hrs Performance between Judith Egger and Takehito SHIINA

ZKMax, 24.7.-25.7.2008

Chopsticks performance concept by Shiina Takehito

Shiina Takehito/Sendai, Japan Judith Egger/ Munich, Germany

The american artist Morgan O´Hara was travelling to Japan a few years ago. When she visited an exhibition of contemporary japanese art she came across the work of an artist which reminded her very strongly of that of her friend Judith. So she left a note for Takehito with Judith´s email and the advice to get in touch with her. Takehito luckily did and so they hooked up and got inspired by each others work. The dialogue between them started and has been continuing until now.

„chopstick“ will be the first collaboration in which they will actually meet – even if it is only in cyber space. Takehito had the initial idea for this performance. He got inspired by an old japanese tale about heaven, hell and feeding each other with one metre long chop sticks. Judith and Takehito will stage a 24hours long video-conference-performance in which they will try to feed each other through the world wide web. They are both situated in their home town, Munich and Sendai, and will perform in public.

  august 2008

writing project by Sandra Hoffmann, staying at Villa Waldberta in august.


Projects realised at Villa Waldberta and ZKMax

Since 27. of August the project "atelier global" ist running. Artist from Munich filled in postcard-sheets with their question and statements to art. The postcards will be distributed personally. More you will find there ...

On the 5th of August Ulrich Mattes started the postcard-project "What would Sissi mean?". Sissi is the famous bavarian Kaiserin Elisabeth ... more infos You will find there ...

On the 6th of August Sandra Hoffmann started her Videoblog from Villa Waldberta. Her texts and images are projected live at the Rathausgalerie and the ZKMax. Daily from 5pm to 7pm.

080808 Friday 8th August DIAL presented the UPSTAGE Festival at ZKMax from 7pm to 10pm. The festival featured 14 live online performances by artsts in 14 time zones, and was accessible to anyone with a standart internet connection and browser. People in London, Munich, Oslo, los Angeles and Wellington could also attend "real life" access nodes. More information here:
UPSTAGE Programm

On the24./25 ofJuli 24 hrs of"Chopsticks Performance" took place betweeen Judith Egger (München) andTakehito Shiina (Senai, Japan) from8pm to8pm at the ZKMax. Feeding times have been: 9pm, 9am, 1pm, 7pm.



Videoworks of artists from UPGRADE are going to be seen at the ZKMax, Passage Maximiliansstr./Altstadtring, Munich: From 14th to 17th of July a workshop of Octavio Camargo washeld in the "i-camp", Entenbachstr. 37, Munich. A series of activities is going on until september and is likely to be continued further on. You'll find more when you go to "timetable".


Finishing Event 2008

3rd meeting of Upgrade! International
11 – 14 September 2008
Skopje, Macedonia


Unter dem Titel "CHAIN REACTIONS" fand vom 11.-14 September 2008 in Skopje, Mazedonien das dritte internationale Treffen des UPGRADE International Netzwerkes statt. Die Veranstaltung rund um Digitale Kunst und Netzwerkkultur fanden an unterschiedlichen Stellen des Stadtraumes statt und umfassten Ausstellungen, Screenings, live Performances, Vorlesungen und Workshops.
Am Samstag, 13. September fand von 20.30-21.30 eine live DIAL Sonderschaltung zwischen dem ZKMAx in München und dem Chain Reactions Festival in Skopje statt und stellt das Festival und seine beteiligten Künstler vor.

Weitere Informationen: Chain Reactions

  080808 UPSTAGE Festival at the ZKMax

The 080808 Upstage Festival aims to create a participatory space for collaboration, creation, and for the presentation of current cyberformance. The festival provides a platform (and shares the technichal expertise) to enable artists to experiment with the new medium, and to have their work seen alongside performances by internationally reknowned practitioners - in a celebration of the evolution and diversity of online performance practices.UPSTAGE