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  Presseinfo vom 10.7.08


  Programmheft "Zeitgenössische Kunst am Wittelsbacher Platz"


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Chopstick Performance1
Chopstick Performance2
Auftakt_ wittelsbacher_Platz1
Auftakt_ wittelsbacher_Platz2
Auftakt_ wittelsbacher_Platz3
(Fotos: Horst Konietzny)

Auftakt_ wittelsbacher_Platz_Brisbane1
Auftakt_ wittelsbacher_Platz_Brisbane2
(Fotos: Suzon Fuks)

  Bildmaterial zum Videoprogramm im ZKMax


Image by Suzon Fuks, Brisbane

FRAGMENTATION: (5min 08 sec) Based on the idea that even though technology links people, it can also fragment their lives. Two guys, James Cunningham and Rob Tannion, absorbed in their morning paper and their personal space “bubble”, somehow manage to find a disjointed connection with one another.

Das Video ist Bestandteil des Screening Progammes im ZKMax



Filmstills der Videoproduktion DISFIGUREMENTS von Boris Petrovski. Boris Petrovski's Arbeit spielt mit Wahrnehmungen des öffentlichen Raumes. In ihrem Spiel mit Perspektiven steht sie typisch für den Ansatz von DIAL.

Das Video ist Bestandteil des Screening Programmes im ZKMax

In his video performance Disfigurements Boris Petrovski tries visually to present the process the of mutual influence trough which the city and citizen go through every day. In fact, it is about a video documentation from a performance which the artist performed walking around “Macedonia” square with a piece of sheet metal in his hands. Petrovski uses the sheet metal as a reflecting space which becomes a temporary witness of the figure interactions made by passers – by and surrounding buildings. The modified faces and bodies are being reflected on the smooth but disfiguring surface together with altered fragments of the sheet metal becomes a metaphase about the performing process of the reciprocal urban transformation. ; as the city changes its own inhabitants they are constantly changing their city as well. The results of this mutual change can also be wonderful, visible in some attractive shots of this video: the reflections on the sheet metal bring surprises, new forms, dynamics and excitement. Hence, the images that look unrecognizable and twisted at the first moment can also be seen as an opportunity for self – knowledge and reflection of a modified reality and some new and diverse subjects that make city.

  Stills aus B-SIDES UPGRADE Scotland

Johannes Birringer
radio city
Gillian Mc Iver

Die Videos sind Bestandteil des Screening Programmes im ZKMax